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Tomix Trains - TMX4246 - Overhead Railway Station A (ticket gate)


You can recreate the station by combining it with the viaduct (sold separately). *Products other than those included in the set are not included.


  • The ticket gate is an automatic ticket gate type
  • The width is 140mm, the same length as the straight rail S140
  • A pier for elevated stations is included, which is used when building stations into two or more levels
  • Ticket vending machines, station offices, ticket gates The back of the mouth represents the stairs going up to the platform.
  • Used in combination with the separately sold multi-viaduct S140 (for opposing platforms) and multi-viaduct S140-55.5
  • Can be placed at right angles
  • Can be expanded by combining elevated stations A and B (sold separately)
  • Color stickers for ticket vending machines, signboards, Braille blocks, etc. are included
  • Elevated station A (ticket gate)


  • Runner parts: Signboards for elevated stations, etc.
  • Runner parts: Piers for elevated stations
  • Parts: Roof end plates for elevated stations
  • Parts: Couplings
  • Stickers: Station names, etc.

Tomix Trains - TMX4246 - Overhead Railway Station A (ticket gate)