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Marvel Comics


The Incredible Hulk - Crossroads - Epic Collection

1st printing. Collects The Incredible Hulk (1962-1999 1st series) #297-313 and ANNUAL #13, and Alpha Flight (1983-1994 1st Series) #29.

Written by Bill Mantlo. Art by Sal Buscema, Bret Blevins, Alan Kupperberg, Gerry Talaoc, Al Williamson, and Mike Mignola. Cover by Mike Mignola and Bill Sienkiewicz. Back Cover by Bret Blevins and Al Williamson.

Bruce Banner is in charge - but for how long?

After returning from the Beyonder's Battleworld, Banner's precarious hold on the Hulk's savage persona has begun to slip, threatening to destroy the happiness he's finally attained! And when the fighting-mad Hulk comes roaring back, it leads to a no-holds-barred battle against the entire Marvel Universe - and a shocking twist!

Now, banished to the mysterious and deadly Crossroads dimension by Doctor Strange, a nearly mindless Hulk must claw his way back from the edge of insanity!

As he battles the U-Foes, the N'Garai and a parade of ever more bizarre enemies, the Hulk will confront aspects of his own fractured psyche. But how did Bruce's tragic childhood shape the monster within?

Softcover, 488 pages, full color. Rated T

NOTE: Book 13 of the Incredible Hulk Epic Collection - Years Covered: 1984-1985.

The Incredible Hulk - Crossroads - Epic Collection