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Marvel Comics


Marc Spector's Moon Knight Omnibus, Vol. 1

Collects Marc Spector: Moon Knight #1-34, Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #353-358, Moon Knight: Divided We Fall and material from Punisher Annual (1988) #2. Moon Knight's longest-running series gets the Omnibus treatment! Marc Spector gets down and dirty tackling street-level crime as a vigilante of the night. But when his old nemesis Bushman conquers his homeland of Burunda, Moon Knight must renew an international rivalry against his deadliest foe - with Marlene's life at stake! Meanwhile, Marc gains an unwanted ally in Midnight, takes on the anarchist Flag-Smasher and finds himself on trial for his crimes as a mercenary! Can Spider-Man and the Punisher help Marc root out the source of his woes? Plus: Stained Glass Scarlet seeks redemption - and Moon Knight deals with Arsenal, Chainsaw, Ghost Rider, the Hobgoblin and a sidekick's revenge!

Marc Spector's Moon Knight Omnibus, Vol. 1