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Giga-Shards: techno-organic energy sources lethally harvested from living beings; blended with human DNA, they transmute raw emotion into incredible power and make possible giant war machines with unimaginable speed and strength. The Zoider Armada, a galaxy-conquering alien force, has discovered this unique energy, and has invaded Earth-space to abduct and dominate the human race. All seems lost, but Earth finds a way to fight back—with the Zoiders own giant robot prototypes! The pilots who control these robots have goals of their own though, and each competes with the others in a race to control the Giga-Shards. Some hope to defend Earth, others seek only revenge, and still others seek power to achieve their own mysterious ends...

Giga-Robo is the customizable, card-driven miniatures game of giant robot combat. Choose from a powerful roster of pilots and robots, create a custom build of attacks and abilities, and battle across a fully destructible city!

Act on every turn — Respond to attacks with any card in your hand, and gain resources from taking damage—you're never on the sidelines!

The battlefield is a weapon — Smash your opponent across the map through buildings and hazards, changing the terrain as you play!

Dynamic cooldown system — Plan your turns and set up powerful combos by tracking when each of your cards will return to your hand!

Unleash your fighting spirit — win your opponents’ Giga-Shards — forge your fate in combat!