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Marvel Comics


Epic Collection: Wolverine, Vol. 7 (To The Bone)


Adamantium no more! Magneto stripped the once-indestructible metal from Wolverine's bones, and his healing factor is almost gone. Is Logan dying on his feet? Either way, he's coming out fighting - with claws made of bone! Wolverine heads to Canada to see old friends - but Lady Deathstrike, Bloodscream, Cylla and Cyber are on his tail!

Even with Alpha Flight and Excalibur's help, Logan is about to take a beating like never before! As his health worsens, Logan starts to put his affairs in order. But does he have enough gas left in the tank to rescue the X-Men from the alien Phalanx? Plus: Albert and Elsie-Dee unravel a time-spanning mystery! And Wolverine reunites with Ghost Rider, the Punisher and Nick Fury!

Epic Collection: Wolverine, Vol. 7 (To The Bone)