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Tokyo Pop


Delivery For You

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Izumi Fukaya is a shut-in bachelor and part-timer whose only joy in life is seeing the handsome delivery worker who drops off his packages every day. Every time Ryouta Tsuchiya arrives with another delivery, the contents of the boxes are only half the excitement. Determined to make himself "cooler" to match Tsuchiya, Fukaya has yet to realize that Tsuchiya already thinks he's the whole package - and they're both about to find out they already have everything they want right in front of them!

Meanwhile, Yuito Igarashi and Yuuta Natsume are in the prime of their college years but neither of them can seem to hit that final, all important youthful milestone: a girlfriend. Natsume struggles to even talk to the girls, and Igarashi's greatest talent is coming off as a creep. Maybe if they team up and put their heads together, they can come up with a solution to get over their single-life hurdles. NOTE: This book contains explicit sexual content. It is not intended for anyone under 18 years of age.

Delivery For You