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Dark Horse Comics


Predator - Hunters III


The Hunter team is shocked by the return of Raphael Herrera, the former drug trafficker presumed to have been killed on Tehua Island. Can he be trusted, or has he made a deal with Stargazer agents? But those concerns are set aside when word comes of Predator activity in Central America! In the jungles of Belize, Cartel soldiers are being wiped out attempting to smuggle heroin into the US.

The Hunters follow the trail of bodies, while a newly arrived team of Russians begin their own hunt for the Predators. An unexpected player from Dark Horse's very first Predator series watches from the shadows... providing the Hunters with an advantage amongst the violence and bloodshed.

Writer Chris Warner (the artist from the original Predator comics from 1989) teams with artist Brian Thies (Predator: Life and Death, Star Wars: Legacy)!

Collects Predator: Hunters III #1-#4.

Predator - Hunters III