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Dragon Ball Super Card Game


Dragon Ball Super - Supreme Rivalry Booster


Through earth, space, and the Dark Demon Realm, arrives a great evil seeking to suppress and conquer... The conflict between the great evil and the Saiyans, known also as the conquerors of planets around the galaxy, begins in the DBSCG UW4 contains many power up parts for decks from UW1-3! This leads to strengthening the UW Series as a whole! Also, the Mechikabura decks introduced in UW3 are powered up in UW4! Leader cards strongly requested by fans, including Son Goku: Future, are also included!

Total cards per pack: 12


• Common: 60 (normal / holo version)

• Uncommon: 38 (normal / holo version)

• Rare: 30 (normal / holo version)

• Super Rare: 23

• Special Rare: 10

• Secret Rare: 3

Dragon Ball Super - Supreme Rivalry Booster