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DandD - Cards Trays and Dice


D&D 7pc Marble Dice

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These Dice are sure to satisfy any level player! Whether you need a D20 for a Skill Check, or a D8 to see how much damage your large weapons does towards that Goblin. Either way, this 7 Piece set Marble Dice is sure to make a fashion statement at your next session!


This set includes:

  • 1 x D20 (Icosahedron)
  • 1x D12 (Dodecahedron)
  • 1 x D10 (0-9 Pentagonal Trapezohedron)
  • 1 x D10 (00-90 Pentagonal Trapezohedron)
  • 1 x D8 (Octahedron)
  • 1 x D6 (Cube)
  • 1 x D4 (Tetrahedron))

D&D 7pc Marble Dice