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Cuzco - Board Game


You are great Inca dignitaries fighting for political supremacy in the Andes.
It is up to you to exploit a new territory as large as possible to lay the new foundations of your civilization.


Spread out over the whole territory, build villages, cities, and build temples in which you will organize the most beautiful feasts in honor of the solar God!


Cuzco is a game of tile laying and territory control, deeply strategic, with a mechanics of action points intuitive and easy to take in hands.


The 3rd game of the Kramer & Kiesling trilogy which completes the excellent Mexica and Tikal, Java changes its name. Why? Why?
Out of respect for the original idea of the authors which was well to make a trilogy on the South-Central American peoples, with thus the Aztecs, the Mayas and ... the Incas!

Cuzco - Board Game