Get them while they last! The Comic Book Factory has hit the ground running with Frew Publications bringing you all the classic Phantom you can handle! We will bring in new issues each month for die hard fans to collect. Check out the newest instalments of Kid Phantom in full colour, Lee Falk classic phantom in black and white, and our massive 200+ page Phantom Annuals! Lady Phantom has also made an appearance. She is here in all her glory in the 250+ page 2017 Annual. Get them while they last! 
Issue #1774 - 2017 - The Girl Phantom Annual
      Cover Art by Cannon White. 2017 Girls phantom Annual Special along with, by popular demand, the replica #25. Endowed with Wonderful art of Wilson McCoy and masterful coloured by Norway’s Ivan Pederson. Since the original 1952 story, Julie Walker and her twin brother Kit have been referred to as the children of the 17th Phantom. She has the training and the skills to be the Phantom in her own right!
Issue #1715 - 2015 - The Phantom Annual
        Cover Art by Antonio Lemos. The Phantom 2015 Annual Special compiles the wonderful works of Lee Falk and Sy Barry, the yard sticks that all other writer combinations must be measured. This edition focuses on classic gang stories and comes with a replica copy of issue #23.

Giant Sized Phantom - #1 
    Cover Art by Glenn Lumsden. 6x fantastic Phantom stories in a 100 page spectacular. You’ll see The Shadow #1, Catman #1, Sir Falcon #1 + A Sir Falcon Short Story, and the Phantom Ranger #1. Included in this edition is a 1999 short story The Ape idol of the Durugu - #1248. This giant sized Phantom is taking you back to the very beginning…  
Giant Sized Phantom - #2
​          6x more Phantom classics to behold! In this 100 page spectacular you will see Scarlet Sorceress, Catman #2, and the continuation of Sir Falcon from Issue one with Sir Falcon #1 from 1954. To top it off you will also get Shadow #2 and Thw Fourth Story by Shane Foley. 

Don't Miss Out!!

Phantom #1788 - The Baronkhan Sedition
       Written by Tony DePaul, and inked by Paul Ryan. Dumat seems to be a Royalist who is unhappy with Prince Rex’s loving liaison with Captain Lara, but there s more to this than meets the eye as the Phantom is soon to find out.    

Phantom #1785 - Super Nova Edition
       This issue was presented for Supernova Comic Convention in 2017. It covers the new Phantom by Gaslight Series. The official program booklet for Supernova Sydney also carries Phantom by Gaslight Chapter #0, the prequel, so make sure you grab one as it is destined to be a rare collector’s edition.